Welcome to the Gorn Confederation webpage where you will be able to find tons of information dealing with the race called the Gorn.

The Gorn were seen only three times in the Star Trek. Star Trek: Original Series episode "Arena" the Star Trek: The Animated Series episode "Time Trap" and the episode of Star Trek: Enterprise "A mirror Darkly, part II". Their planet was mentioned in one Deep Space Nine episode.

This web site is dedicated to the Gorn and it will explain many facets to Gorn life. We here have tried to keep it as accurate as possible to Canon as possible.

Because of the severelly limited canon resources (3 episodea that showed a Gorn). We have decided to add both semi-Canon and work created by the Gorn.

The Semi-Canon sources picked were chosen because they had liscense from Paramount pictures to produce their products and since Star Trek is owned by them. What they approve could be considered Semi-Canon.

Some of those are Armarillo Design Beareu's Star Fleet Battles and 14 East's Star Trek: Star Fleet Command, both I and II.

I hope you enjoy this webpage for it took some time to put together. If you want to learn more aboutwhy the website was built you can either click here or the about us button above.

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