The Gorn Language is considered one of the most difficult languages for anyone to master that is not lizard. The reason of this is because of the shape and function of the larynx, which produces the sounds. To normal humanoid ears, the language of the Gorn is a bunch of hissing, screeching, and chrips.

Because of the desire of humanoid civilizations (mostly the Federation) to learn the Gorn language. The Gorn updated the old Gorn Merchant language which mimicked the Gorn sounds by giving them pronunciation that a humanoid could pronounce. The Gorn could understand the language if he listened to it and would respond with a slow pronounced sound so the Humanoid could understand what sounds he was making. Very few phrases so far have been translated from Gorn using the merchant Language and they are below as follows:



Klish'Sss'Rrr'Mkk'Sss'Crr'Kaa - "Fight for Duty and Honor"

Rsss'Taa'Nkkk - "I applaud you." (Equivilant to "Good Job")

Brr'Nnn'Kaaa'Tss - "I am Hungry"

Brr'Nnn'Kaaa'Shhh - "I am thirsty"

Chrrr'Tkk'Nnn - "Where is the Bath Room?"

Rrr'Tkk'Saa'Mekk - "Is it safe?"

Nsss' - "Yes"

Vsss' - "No"

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