Gorn Space Navy

The Gorn Space Navy (GSN) is the main defense force of the Gorn worlds. They are divided in to four distinct divisions with each having certain assignments.

Gold Cluster

The Gold Cluster is the Home Fleet assigned to protecting the homeworld of the Gorn Hegemony. They are stationed in the main home system and the adjacent systems.

The Gold cluster vessels are assigned to the other taskforces, but their role is primary diplomatic or someone to consult when a decision from the Grand Autarch or Gorn Assembly is needed.

The Gold Cluster is well-known for it was the defense force that defended Ss'Varnon from an attack from both the Romulans, Kzinti, and in later years, The Borg.

COMMAND SHIP: GSN Sword of the Tri-Star

Silver Cluster

The Silver cluster is assigned to protect and patrol the borders extending from the meeting corners of the Hydran Kingdoms and the Lyran Star Clans to the meeting points of the UFOP and the Klingon Empire.

The Silver cluster is not considered an "important" fleet because it sits on the borders of races that are not hostile to the Gorn Confederation. Only The Klingon empire has shown itself to be interested in Gorn territory, but won't risk war with the Federation, The Gorn's stauchest ally.

COMMAND SHIP: GSN Bravery's Claw

Black Cluster

The Black Cluster get's it's name from two sources. The first being that it deals in a lot of Covert operations and Guardian Errant's missions, and two it suffered the most heaviest losses in all battles fought.

The Black Cluster patrols on the Gorn borders between Starbase 546 to Starbase G-12 which extends from top most of the Kzinti Ascendcy borders to the meeting spot of the Federation Border. This fleet has seen the most action because it's near the two most hostile races they have ever fought; The Romulan Star Empire and the Kzinti Ascendency.

The ironic part of the Black Cluster was the beaucracy that was inherent to the Gorn Assembly and many of the Gorn vessels were still old and middle series vessels. Very few New series vessels were in the Black Cluster by 2379, but by the time of the commisioning of the GSN Gorn Talon-A more New Series vessels were being added to the fleet.

COMMAND SHIP: GSN Honorable Warrior

Bronze Cluster

The Bronze cluster is not a large fleet, but more of a smaller fleet since it's duty lies in exploring the BreKa Stretch, a section of space that is un-explored and un-claimed.

The Bronze Cluster is primarily called in when there is a need for a high exploration vessel. Most Gorn ships have limited Scientific ablilites, but the Bronze Cluster vessels, though the same hull designs, are geared toward exploration. Hence they have many refits that other Gorn vessels do not have.

They carry more labs then any other Gorn vessel of it's class and size, and many special sensors that can scan and considerable distances.

In war-time these vessels can be seen with Fleet's of the other Clusters doing reconnescance work with their long range sensors.

There flag ship has the most interesting history, to be the only Gorn starship named after a Federation Starship purposefully. It is even recorded that after the signing of the Treaty of Friendship between the Gorn Confederation and the United Federation of Planets, they had their command ship cristened. It is the GSN Enterprise.



The First Gorn ships were very primitive when they were first created. They did have the Warp Drive before the Romulans and it is estimated (Though not confirmed) that they had it before the Klingons.

Present day they have three "Series" of vessels created. In actuality there were four series of vessels, but the first series was no longer used and it only contained 2 vessels. It is added for information purposes.

See also Gorn Weponry


The Lancer series was the first series of vessel creaed to start patrolling. It came out in 2111 and was used up to the historic first Contact at Cestus III. The GSN Black Dragon though, the Vessel that Fought the USS Enterprise was not a Lancer Class vessel. It was the first of the Old series to come out.

Lancer 1 Class 


Lancer-1 Class

The Lancer-1 was the first Gorn vessel to be launched from Ss'Varnon. It had a primitive warp drive and the ability to only go to Warp 2. This vessel which carried one Plasma F torpedo and 30 crew was used to explore the home system of the Gorn. It was later re-fitted to have a faster warp engine and became a light cruiser patrol vessel.

Known Ship names:

GSN Lancer

GSN Gunner

GSN Emporer

GSN Gremlin

Lancer 2 Class 


Lancer-2 Class

The Lancer-2 Class was a more larger version of the Lancer-1 as they were built in orbit around Ss'Varnon. They were given the armament of the brand new Type G torpedo and with a crew compliment of 200 was able to move at Warp 5 for extended periods of time. Un-like other race vessel. The Gorn vessels were never really fast, They were made to withstand pounding and they were given the reputation in that time until the new series was built as the hardest ships to destroy. This ship became the Heavy cruiser and attack vessel.

Some Ship names:

GSN Warrior

GSN Searcher

GSN Leader

GSN Follower


The Old Series were the first run of vessels to be made for inter-stellar travel. The Gorn Space Navy with funding from the Government of Ss'Varnon in 2130 allowed them to design four classes of Starship and then make four of each to make the Core of the new Gorn Space Navy. These classes were very popular in their time and more of these classes were made then any other Gorn ship so far.

Discover Class 


Discover Class

This was a small frigate designed to be a convoy escort and a peace keeping ship. With Plasma F torpedo and phasers this little guy could defend itself against pirates and raiders.

Some Ship names:

GSN Loyalty

GSN Soverign

GSN Protector

GSN Sharp Claw

Intrepid Class 


Intrepid Class

The Intrepid was a class of vessel invented for Light cruiser duty. It's job was to help back up the larger heavy cruisers and give supporting fire and firepower to the small frigates. The Intrepid class was a quick moving vessel which could get in to any area of space before the Heavy Cruisers.

Some Ship names:

GSN Silver Talon

GSN Gorn Warrior

GSN Reptile's Fury

GSN Brazen Claw

Bravery Class 


Bravery Class

The Bravery Class starships were the most powerful starships in the Gorn Fleet till the Honor class were built. There fire-power of 4 Plasma G torpedoes and heavy phaser arrays made it a formidable ship to come against.The Bravery was the most desired command since it was given sensitive mission that would enhance the prestige of a commanding officer.

Some Ship names:

GSN Battle

GSN Gentle Warrior

GSN Gorn Talon

GSN Hero's Welcome

Leviathon Class 


Leviathon Class

The Leviathon Class is the largest ship in the Old Series ships. Being the few in nature and the flagships of the fleet, this ship, on it's own, is able to take on a fleet and hold it's own in combat. Built densely, this ship can suffer hits through it's shields and keep going.

Some Ship names:

GSN Sword of the Tri-Star

GSN Leviathon

GSN Master's Blade

GSN Sharp Teeth


A young Gorn ship designer in 2375 came forward to the Gorn Senate and proposed a Brand new and revolutionary design for Gorn Starships. he was first greeted with skeptisicm, but his persuasive talk convinced the Senate to try a batch of these new starships. These ships became known as the New series.

Talon Class 


Talon Class

The Talon class was the frist of the new series starships to be produced because of the need of frigate to patrol the border with the freighters. It is the most widely distributed ship at the moment.

Some Ship names:

GSN Talon

GSN Claw

GSN Blade

GSN Sabre

Duty Class 


Duty Class

the Duty Class starship was the Destroyer to replace the old intrepid Class that was getting worn out from all the different jobs that it had been assigned. the Duty Class was armed with a heavy type G and two F torpedoes.

Some Ship names:

GSN Duty

GSN Honor

GSN Hero

GSN Legend

Marshal Class 


Marshal Class

The Marshal Class starship was created to be the work horse of the new fleet because it was easy to create and could carry a large punch. This cruiser is armed with one S torpedo and two G torpedoes.

Some Ship names:

GSN Granite

GSN Steel Claw

GSN Courage

GSN Sharp Tooth

Honor Class 


Honor Class

Designed as a heavy hitting replacement for the Bravery Class Middle Series, the Honor Class took the role as primary fighter and also being able to function as any other job in the galaxy. This ship usually is used as a command ship for a squadron of Marshal Class starships.

Some Ship names:

GSN Gorn Talon-A

GSN Shadow Claw

GSN Tormentor

GSN Sword of Justice

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